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Makamah emerges from the desire to bring more “relax” to everyone. The pleasure of being in a hammock is unique, and this was one of the reasons why a couple of entrepreneurs decided to start with an idea that would later become the most rewarding of projects.

Undoubtedly, this couple of young people set to work and began to work to find the right people with whom to start this journey and to fulfill this dream.

As they advanced in the search, they became acquainted more with the artisan world, of the world of the communities of Mexico, specifically of the Southeast, where with very few elements, they create wonders day by day.

This inspired them to continue learning, to introduce themselves to the world of people who daily perform this work of weaving to support their families, and achieve an additional income, although in many cases is the only one that exists.

Finally, it is possible to put together the team, which today works to perform with the heart unique pieces of rest and relaxation. Today Makamah is capable of giving work to hundreds of people, from different communities and regions.

With your purchase, you help more families have an income and improve their quality of life. Thus together, we support the permanence of this ancestral technique, transmitted from generation to generation, helping the people who need us the most.

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